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The Case for HR Mentorship in the Workplace with HR Expert Deborah Rimle

When: Thursday, June 6th - 18:30 to 20:30

Language: English

Cost: Members CHF 25.- / Non-Members CHF 35.-

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As HR Professionals we have all heard about the benefits of Mentorship for employees, but what about Mentorship for HR? In the age of Digitalization now more than ever, the role of HR is changing and so are the requirements. Have you ever been in a situation where you faced a challenge and wished you could reach out to a peer or HR Mentor for support on demand? We’ve all been there, too many projects, too little time to attend an online training or seminar, participate in a conference and your planned improvement project, or initiative is put on hold due to daily operational needs.

In this talk, Deborah will discuss her vision of HR Mentorship and how it works. Belonging to a community of women HR professionals where you can feel comfortable to share best practices, support each other in meeting today’s HR challenges, and make a difference which is ultimately linked to personal happiness.

Topics will include:

  • Insights and trends on HR Mentorship
  • Results from surveyed companies in Switzerland on HR Mentorship
  • Why it matters and how it links to personal happiness.

Deborah is not only passionate about bringing the "Human" factor into the organization but also creating awareness on the importance of unleashing people’s potential.