Better work reference letter

Importance of reference letters

Reference letters are very important in Switzerland. They need to be disclosed each time one applies for a new job. A bad reference

letter may lead to rejection by a potential new employer and affect your future professional career.

Problems with your Swiss reference letter?

Have you received a reference letter from your employer that you are not satisfied with? Do you feel that the assessment of your performance or conduct is unfair or incorrectly reflected in your reference letter? 

In this case, we can support you with the following services stated below:

Review and assessment of your reference letter

We review and assess your reference letter. We explain

what it really means.

Drafting revised reference letter

If you feel that your reference letter does not correctly

reflect your past performance and conduct, we help you to produce a revised reference letter version that you may submit to your employer.

Negotiating better reference letter

If you feel that you are not effective enough when

discussing your reference letter with your employer or not ready to continue the discussion personally, we help you in the negotiation process and approach the employer on your behalf if you wish us to do so.

Litigating better reference letter

If no solution can be found then we can refer you to a

labor lawyer we work with in order to initiate appropriate legal steps.

Translating your reference letter

We provide translation services and translate your reference letter from German to English or from English to German.