Workshop Frimen - Deborah Rimle

HR service for businesses

My many years of international experience in Human Resources at the local and international level enable me to provide your business with targeted, specific support in the HR management and recruitment functions. As an HR manager, coach and recruitment specialist, I am familiar with the requirements of companies operating internationally and nationally within Switzerland. 

My area of expertise also includes employee performance and appraisals, employee satisfaction/engagement surveys, culture and team development, talent development and international HR and expat management. I also advise and support managers and line managers. 

I offer my services in both German and English.

Services for businesses

  • Recruitment 
  • Job interview training
  • Performance management (goal-agreement systems, evaluation tools, 360-degree feedback, etc.)
  • Talent management
  • Culture & team development
  • Conflict management
  • Change management 
  • Project management
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Interim HR Solution 

Job Coaching is available to assist you with an Interim HR
Solution during those chaotic months when your workload is equal to three FTEs
(full-time equivalents) and you only have one. We will help alleviate your
stress by reducing your workload. Whether it is a big project that requires an
extra hand, the need to replace a staff member absent due to medical leave, or
for help needed during a period of transition, we can support your company
needs on an interim basis.

Services for businesses

  • Recruitment - full lifecycle from search to hire (signed employment agreement)
  • Obtain Reference Checks
  • Line Manager Interview Training
  • Employee Introduction Days (on-boarding)
  • Performance Management - complete lifecycle from Goal-Setting to Annual Review
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Mentorship Program Support
  • Culture & Team Development/VisioningWorkshops
  • Change Management
  • Pre and Post HR Integration Support 
  • Conduct Exit Interviews, Analyses and Follow-Up Actions/Recommendations
  • Conduct Employee Termination Discussions
  • Termination Discussion Training for Managers
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