Interim HR Solution 

Job Coaching is available to assist you with an Interim HR
Solution during those chaotic months when your workload is equal to three FTEs
(full-time equivalents) and you only have one. We will help alleviate your
stress by reducing your workload. Whether it is a big project that requires an
extra hand, the need to replace a staff member absent due to medical leave, or
for help needed during a period of transition, we can support your company
needs on an interim basis.

Services for businesses

  • Recruitment - full lifecycle from search to hire (signed employment agreement)
  • Obtain Reference Checks
  • Line Manager Interview Training
  • Employee Introduction Days (on-boarding)
  • Performance Management - complete lifecycle from Goal-Setting to Annual Review
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Mentorship Program Support
  • Culture & Team Development/VisioningWorkshops
  • Change Management
  • Pre and Post HR Integration Support 
  • Conduct Exit Interviews, Analyses and Follow-Up Actions/Recommendations
  • Conduct Employee Termination Discussions
  • Termination Discussion Training for Managers
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